• Evangelist Sheila Taylor is a native of Washington, D.C. She dedicated her life to the Lord in July 1976 after being witnessed to by her now husband, Supt. David A. Taylor. Not being familiar with the ways of holiness Evangelist Taylor began to allow God to shape her life. Through the teaching received and the saints fasting and praying, she was filled with the Holy Ghost and that with fire in August 1976.The Lord revealed to her a work that she did not quite understand, but years later she realized what was required of her. She was called into ministry in 1985, and licensed as an Evangelist Missionary in the Church of God in Christ in 1988 while stationed in Stuttgart, Germany with her husband.  Evangelist Taylor has served in many capacities of the church.  God has afforded her opportunities to minister around the world. She is a praying woman and a teacher of the word of God. She faithfully serves along side of her husband caring for the saints of Shiloh Ministries Church of God in Christ. Her desire is to serve full time in ministry with her husband, to be a light  in the community where they now minister, and to be available to answer the call of the Lord at any time to reach the lost.

    “Because someone came and got me, I want to go and get someone too”.
    Evangelist Sheila A. Taylor

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